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3 Solid Construction Management Technology Investments for Small Construction Firms

Being a small business gives you a distinct agility advance over the big guys. Don’t let your nimbleness go to waste; investing in the right technology could be your secret weapon. 

Naturally, you’ll want to invest in technology that’s a safe bet and that can grow with your business. In general, here are three safe technologies that small businesses can safely bet on to generate a quick ROI.

Collaboration Software

It’s a cloud-based and integrated world. So if your job site still disconnected your home office, stakeholders, and perhaps even the site supervisor, a software solution can get everyone on the same page. 

Construction software comes in many shapes and sizes, but in general, they contain dashboards and databases that allow tracking of construction in real-time, among other benefits. They also collect data and open up new work optimization opportunities. 

The ROI for the technology can come in multiple forms and the benefits depend on the setup. But many technologies will allow site managers to track and manage workers, avoiding potential hazards, and keeping tabs on equipment so it doesn’t get stolen.



Much more than novelties, drones have emerged as a hot technology for construction businesses of all sizes. In fact, some surveys report that drones will be used by more than one-quarter of all construction firms by 2020. 

For small businesses, drones are an especially attractive option because of low barriers-to-entry for the technology and for the quick ROI. Often, companies that employ drones will win additional contracts that can pay for the technology almost instantly.

In addition, booming adoption rates are growing, the savings are quickly noticeable for tasks like surveying, and the technology is future-proof since drone software is constantly evolving.


Machine Control Systems

On-machine components that give a greater degree of control over equipment like pavers, dozers, and compactors are an increasingly popular investment for small construction firms. The benefits depend largely on the equipment in use, but in general, the technology allows for a greater degree of accuracy and efficiency. 

Some of the most popular machine controls systems include: 

  • Dozers. Systems can help dozers with grading, and also allow constant tracking for ongoing optimization.
  • Excavators. The benefit for excavation is that the machines are more productive and the work is more accurate, even underwater where the operator’s view is obstructed. 
  • Compact machines. The selling point here is mainly in having to do fewer passes and in being able to complete work faster in general. 

Soil compactors. The main benefit is ensuring proper compaction.  By tracking pass counts you prevent wasted passes causing over compaction and have a visual map showing areas that were missed.


Are You Building an Infrastructure of Innovation?

Technology is the best friend of a small construction business. While lumbering competitors are adapting slowly, you can outmaneuver the competition with the latest innovations.

Be sure to keep an eye on what new technologies are out there and try to be forward-thinking when it comes to change. There are at least three technologies that are safe bets for small businesses; start with these soon to start building ROI. 


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