How to Protect

Too Hot to Handle: How to Protect Your Equipment and Your Wallet From Shady Business

Have you ever been shopping online and found what you are looking for at a ridiculously low price?

But then suddenly, a little voice inside you says, “You better not touch it, that puppy is HOT!”

At which point you pause, evaluate the good advice, then promptly take a roll of duct tape and proceed to tape the mouth shut of the little internal interloper before shoving it in the closet and clicking BUY NOW.

You are not alone, we have all experienced this impulse to take advantage of a “good deal” before. The age-old saying, “if it seems too good to be true, it probably is” is an accurate statement, especially when shopping online.

Fortunately, thanks to Trimble’s My Trimble Protected service, you can listen to that voice inside and have peace of mind when purchasing.

Case Study: My Trimble Protected To The Rescue

My Trimble Protected is a site that all SITECH dealers have access to. It allows them to register purchased units and flag a unit as stolen. If another dealer comes across a suspicious item and realizes something does not add up, they are able to check the MTP site to see if the unit is listed as stolen.

Take this recent example: SITECH Louisiana recently had a customer who was evaluating the repair cost of a TSC3 data collector versus purchasing a new one. The client found a Trimble tablet controller online listed for $1,699. Since the normal list for this hardware is closer to $8,000, we knew something did not add up. SITECH Louisiana asked the customer to get us the unit serial number so could check it on My Trimble Protected to see if it had been logged as stolen. As it turned out, the unit had not been flagged as stolen . . . but the whole situation was still highly suspect.  

We continued our investigation. Since My Trimble Protected also allows you to see what dealer the unit was purchased from, we were able to see the SITECH dealer who originally sold the item and gave them a call.

After a few phone calls the original SITECH seller reached the tablet’s registered owner and verified that it had indeed been recently stolen after all! SITECH LA contacted our customer (who had since shoved his little voice in the closet and purchased the unit) to let him know what we had discovered. Fortunately, he was able to return the unit and get his money back and the true owner had his equipment returned to him in one piece.

So, next time you are looking for a deal on eBay, get the serial number and contact your local SITECH. Let them verify that it is not flagged as stolen. They can also contact the dealer who sold the unit if needed.

And if everything checks out, then you got a great deal and don’t have to worry about anything.

As an authorized Trimble Vendor,  Contact SITECH Louisiana today!