DPS900 Drilling System


Get a quick return on your investment - DPS900 can pay for itself in just four months by:

  • Drilling to exactly the depth you need
    • Reduced overdrilling means your machine drill bits and hammers won't wear out as fast.
  • Drilling evenly spaced holes and angles
    • An even pattern of blasting delivers better surfaces and improves rock fragmentation to minimize hauling expense.
  • Increasing site safety
    • With DPS900 you can see the machine blind spots and warn the operator when he's working where he shouldn't be. Accurately control drill pitch and roll, and the depth of drilling, including an auto-stop feature.
  • Reduce time and money spent on surveying
    • Stop pounding stakes and start making money.
GPS and Site Positioning System

Easy to use

Large icons, a streamlined workflow and a screen that's easy to read, even in bright sunlight. The easy-to-read touch screen makes navigating to the hole, and adjusting the orientation and angle of the guide simple and quick

GPS and Site Positioning Map or System

Business Center

HCE rapidly creates optimized 3D drilling plans using the Business Center – HCE Drill and Pile Manager module
Store the drill plans in the cloud for on-site retrieval by DPS900. No more driving out to the site to make updates
DPS900 gathers the field data so Business Center - HCE can run accurate quality, production, utilization and consumables reports

red drilling machine

Built for drilling applications

Rugged Trimble components keep your machines drilling, not sitting.

DPS900 Drilling

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