Our full line of Spectra Grade Lasers are automatically self-leveling providing full control when working on any surface requiring grade.

  • Automatic or Manual Grade Matching – our line of grade lasers will automatically calculate and display the grade when matching pre-existing slopes.
  • Automatic Axis Alignment – The universal laser will automatically align to your grade hub providing accurate setup.
  • Automatic Temperature Compensation – Automatic temperature compensation ensures the highest accuracy regardless of temperature.
  • Automatic Planelok – Eliminates beam drift in grade lasers as temperature changes.

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    Spectra GL720 Dual Grade PKG-English

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  • gl722 so

    Spectra GL722 Dual Slope Grade Laser

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  • GL622N 3QTR Front

    Spectra Precision GL622-14 Dual-Scope Grade Laser with CR600

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    Spectra Precision GL622N Dual Grade Laser

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  • GL422N Front

    Spectra GL422N Dual Slope Laser

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  • GL412N Front product

    Spectra GL412N Grade Laser

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