Whether you are installing a suspended ceiling and require a highly visible rotating red or green beam or installing drywall and need vertical control or need to set a 90 degree the Spectra Precision HV range can do it all. Not limited to interior use*, all models will work externally with a laser receiver over distance for both horizontal level applications and vertical alignment such as setting out building alignments or plumbing facades.

  • Plumb beam – for 90 degree layout, checking the square of room or transferring points from floor to ceiling.
  • Scan Mode – easily switch from rotating with variable speed to scan mode. Preset line lengths can be set and moved from any position allowing for a brighter beam where you are working and allowing you to avoid glass areas.
  • IR Remote – allowing you to change speed, slope the laser (for sloped ceilings or grade matching) enter scan mode and move the beam.
  • Single axis slope mode – allowing the laser to be sloped on the X-axis whilst allowing the laser to remain self-leveled on the other axis

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