Keson PG181025AL Chrome Tape Measure with Auto Lock


Chrome Tape Measure with Auto Lock and Nylon Coated Steel Blade (Graduations: 1/10, 1/100 & ft, in, 1/8), 1-Inch by 25-Foot

  • Automatic locking blade stays out without engaging a lock
  • Nylon-coating extends life of the blade
  • Case has a Rubber grip protects the blade and stands up to heavy use
  • Nylon-coated Steel blade
  • Automatic, button-release lock

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Our AutoLock Series is a best seller in offering of tapes. The Automatic Lock features blades that stay out without the user needing to engage a lock. A push button releases the blade and enables it to retract. These tapes come with a rubber grip and are in a compact housing.

Keson provides the highest quality, durable measuring tapes for surveyor measurements in a variety of lengths and materials.

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