Keson WR1810 6′ Engineer’s Folding Wood Ruler


The Keson folding ruler is resilient and extendable for long-lastng durability.

  • Graduated in feet, 10ths and 100ths
  • Regular outside marking in feet, inches, graduated to 1/16-inch
  • Engineer’s side has foot marks in red, and decimal points

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Keson wood rulers have long been an essential tool for carpenters, mason’s, plumbers and all types of tradespeople. They extend to over 6 feet (2m). They enable you to draw straight lines up to these lengths without the use of a chalk line or mason’s line. Designed for engineer or other measurements requiring tenths and feet. Decimal points on engineer’s scale prevent reading errors. Units: ft, in, 1/8, 1/16 & ft, 10th, 100ths.

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