WingtraOne UAS Demo Day: Bringing Value to Your Daily Work

Last month, our team was able to host a drone demo day in collaboration with the team from Wingtra. Throughout the day, our clients were able to experience SITECH Louisiana’s product offerings and customer service first-hand. From a drone presentation to a flight demonstration and a Q&A session, we were able to provide clients with an introduction to the incredible capabilities the WingtraOne UAS has to offer.

WingtraOne’s unique technology saves you both time and money. One WingtraOne drone can produce better and more accurate data in over half the time of the average worker, making this drone a great investment for companies within the engineering, surveying and construction sectors.

One feature that really sets WingtraOne apart from other drones is its vertical landing capabilities. While most fixed-wing drones take off and land from the belly, which leads to high risks of damage, WingtraOne lands safely in even the smallest spaces. 

But, if something does happen to your drone, SITECH Louisiana is here to help! We pride ourselves on having excellent customer service. We are with you for the entire lifetime of your drone and beyond. From the moment you purchase your WingtraOne, through every mishap and upgrade, SITECH Louisiana is by your side saving you time and money with our superior product knowledge and customer service.