SITECH of Louisiana Joins Forces With New Heights Development


New Heights Development joins forces with SITECH of Louisiana to survey their new development project by utilizing SITECH’s construction layout technology. Daniel Tillman, Co-Owner of New Heights Development, discusses the benefits of combining technology and hardware to create a more adaptive construction environment. Some of those benefits include cost, human capabilities, and efficiency. 

John Lewis also discusses how SITECH of Louisiana brings on Civil Construction Professionals who are experts in their field and have an incredible amount of knowledge regarding the construction technology used at these sites. “They will take clients through a range of either classroom testing for portions of the training or take those guys out to the field to the actual equipment so they can get that hands-on learning experience,” Lewis says. “We can usually get someone trained and ready to go within a day or so.”

Lewis also discusses the benefits of SITECH training the users on this equipment by saying, “We have the team on staff that have the industry experience. We would rather handle the training to get to know these users better and develop a relationship with them because it truly is a partnership.” Lewis also mentions that SITECH doesn’t assign someone to teach the users the technology and leave quickly, but instead, stays with them for the entirety of the project and helps guide them throughout the building process. 

Tillman adds, “They [SITECH of Louisiana] know what they’re doing, and they have the technology that is changing the industry.” 

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