Construction Lasers Buying Guide

Construction Lasers Buying Guide

A construction laser is used to provide a level of reference during the layout process. The term Laser stands for (Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation).  In short, the laser produces a beam of light creating a level plane that can be used to check elevation or grade.

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Baton Rouge-Based Company Puts Construction Technology to Work for Louisiana

Putting Construction Tech to Work for Louisiana

SITECH LOUISIANA IS in the business of building a better Louisiana by providing construction technology solutions that increase contractor productivity and profitability. SITECH Louisiana helps contractors complete projects faster, more accurately, and with a huge return on investment.

As an authorized Trimble dealer, the company guarantees maximum utilization of its customers’ construction technology investment through a commitment to product support and training.

That commitment was tested during last year’s flooding when SITECH Louisiana’s building on O’Neal Lane took on more than two feet of water. Employees banded together to get the company open from a temporary location without any interruption in service, rental, or support.

“It was a huge staff effort,” says Regional Sales Manager Lawson Eicher. “We were back up and running from the get-go without any downtime. It was a seamless operation.”

Providing for customer needs on the same or next day while being the best solution provider is SITECH Louisiana, says Eicher. Customers get personal 24/7 support plus an 800 number and parts delivery to job sites on everything from job site flagging and stakes to Loadrite, Site Positioning, and Machine Control.

Survey and design manager with Brown Industrial Construction Nic Hughes has worked with SITECH Louisiana often over the years. One of his current projects is the Capitol City Produce warehouse expansion off of I-12. “We had a couple of pieces of equipment that went underwater during the flood, but we were able to get back to work as soon as the water receded,” he says.

Brown is renting technology from SITECH Louisiana, and the company also built Hughes’ 3D design model because he was a one-man survey crew when the project began.

“When I need something from them, they drop everything they’re doing and take care of us,” he says.

“Putting our customers’ needs ahead of our own is the company’s primary goal,” says SITECH Louisiana General Manager Jay Thompson. “Our business is based on support and training. We make sure our customers are 100% comfortable using the technology and that we are here to meet their needs through every step of the project.”

SITECH Louisiana’s preparation of 3D data models ensures the project plan will be constructible in the most efficient and precise way—and available for industrial developments, commercial sites, roads and bridges, subdivisions, golf courses, levees, utilities, and more. Models can be developed for any manufacturer or system type upon request.

The company also has the largest GPS and SPS machine-controlled rental fleet in the state. Silas Dupuy, SITECH Louisiana’s rental manager, commands the state’s largest laser, optical, and GPS layout and machine control fleet. The team ensures existing and first-time users immediately reap all benefits of using state-of the- art construction technology. “Our turnaround time leads the industry, as we want to maximize our customer’s uptime because construction is fast-moving,” says Eicher.

Hughes echoes the importance of minimizing downtime on a job site. “When a machine is not moving, it’s costing a project money, so it’s extremely important for support to keep us running at all times,” he says. “I do a lot of my own troubleshooting, so when I call SITECH Louisiana I pretty much know what I need, and they get it right to us.”

“Our world-class training will be performed by Trimble Certified instructors at our training facility with a job site, equipment, and classrooms or on-site training.” 3D data preparation services, CAD data cleanup, file conversion, and machine and job site verification are also part of the SITECH Louisiana package.

“We want people to know we’re here and can meet their needs—large or small,” adds Eicher. “We have support teams throughout the entire state and here at the office, and customers are welcome to contact us or just stop by.”