How Trimble Is Transforming the Industry

At SITECH Louisiana, we build a better Louisiana by providing contractors with tools and support to revolutionize their construction workflow. As an authorized Trimble dealer, we help contractors reach new levels of productivity and competitive advantage through construction technology solutions. Read more

WingtraOne UAS Demo Day: Bringing Value to Your Daily Work

Last month, our team was able to host a drone demo day in collaboration with the team from Wingtra. Throughout the day, our clients were able to experience SITECH Louisiana’s product offerings and customer service first-hand. From a drone presentation to a flight demonstration and a Q&A session, we were able to provide clients with an introduction to the incredible capabilities the WingtraOne UAS has to offer.

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Construction Lasers Buying Guide

A construction laser is used to provide a level of reference during the layout process. The term Laser stands for (Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation).  In short, the laser produces a beam of light creating a level plane that can be used to check elevation or grade.

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