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How Drones Can Help Positively Impact Your Business

Besides simply looking cool, drones have a wide array of benefits when it comes to business owners. In fact, drones are used every day for different industries and purposes. Many industries, such as Agriculture, Law Enforcement, Non-Profits, Medical, Real Estate, Marketing, Construction and Environmental sectors continue to utilize drones in a way that helps positively impact their safety, delivery, marketing and surveying efforts. Keep reading to find out more!


Safety is a big concern for companies now more than ever. If there is a way to do a process in a safer, more time and cost-efficient way, companies are going to take that opportunity. And that’s exactly what they’re doing. Many agricultural industries such as farming and ranching have utilized drones to increase the safety and well-being of their workers. According to RHP, “There are drones available that are equipped with water, pesticides, or herbicides that can release a payload on a specific area with the farmer watching from yards away on a screen.” This prevents workers from fatigue and overworking as well as saves time and resources that would be used to get a pilot and fly over crop fields.

Another industry utilizing drones for their safety advantages is law enforcement. Being able to monitor situations in the sky prevents officers from going directly into a potential line of fire. It also helps officers gain a better view of a chaotic scene and helps better prepare the men on the ground before making important tactical decisions. Likewise, using drones for their monitoring needs over large crowds or events can help get medical personnel out to a scene faster with quicker detection. 


Another way drones are positively impacting businesses and industries is through the use of delivery options. Non-profit organizations and government sectors who work in Disaster Relief programs benefit greatly with the delivery of materials when roads and bridges are blocked. 

Recovery is another important aspect of Disaster Relief. Allowing medical personnel to deliver medical supplies and kits to people who might be stuck in a desperate situation is important for saving lives. Drones are a safer alternative to delivering materials in the event weather conditions prevent airplanes or helicopters from traveling.


Drones are a huge benefit to all businesses when it comes to marketing. The ability to shoot photography and videography is a huge asset to your overall revenue. Not only can you get incredible videos and images of your building or projects you’ve worked on, but you can use those deliverables throughout your company website, brochures and one-pagers, billboards, social media and more in order to get your name out to the masses.  

In Real Estate, the ability to photograph and video different properties can be vital to ultimately making a sale. Drone footage provides your clients with a better perspective of the property they’re buying and many sellers will be more than happy to pay a little extra for the service if it means there’s a higher likelihood their estate will sell. Not only that but showcasing your work is important for showing potential clients your portfolio. 


Surveying can be beneficial in a large range of industries but is especially crucial to construction companies and environmental sectors. Construction companies use drones for their ability to survey and map certain areas of land. This can include helping them with grade control and making sure they’re safe to dig. It helps with mapping the land and planning for an extensive site project. In addition, it also aids with tracking progress throughout the duration of the project. 

Environmental agencies also get great use out of drones for their ability to help with weather detection and topographical mapping. It can be used in conservation efforts with wildlife tracking and monitoring. For Disaster Relief efforts, certain drones’ GPS and heat infrared capabilities make it easier to spot hazardous areas or even civilians who might be stuck and in danger. 

Drones have many uses besides recreational fun. Drones’ ability to help a wide array of industries in many different areas makes it a useful tool for almost any business imaginable. If you have questions or want to learn about how our drones can help your next construction project, reach out to us!